Billion Forex

Billion Forex is an international top foreign exchange broker, full name Billion Forex. Billion Forex relies on the trading platform and the world's top trading team to provide a full range of authoritative information providers for foreign exchange, precious metals, CFDs, global index and business transaction services, accounts and fund management. We are committed to providing our customers with the lowest transaction costs and the most perfect trading experience in the industry, providing the world's investors with cutting-edge, best investment opportunities.

Financial information output partners

Billion Forex serves the global financial institutions through the Internet. Today, many financial commodity providers in the world use the index provided by Billion Forex to serve investors or their financial institutions.

Billion Forex obtains real-time traffic and highly competitive quotes from a number of bank traffic providers for professional traders, active traders, hedge funds, corporate clients, and banks.

STP/ECN Bridge Provider

Billion Forex provides clients with trading tools for professional traders, such as state-of-the-art and state-of-the-art trading platforms, ensuring extremely fast transactions, extremely low spreads and excellent multilingual customer support.

As an "STP" provider, Billion Forex can help you get the most out of your transactions and provide services that are completely transparent. This is the result of the combined effect of "buying price and selling price" on the direct competitive market. It can make customer orders execute automatically and enter our market network immediately.

Discover Transparent Forex Trading.